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McFadden's Fabulous Fudge | Rockaway Beach, OR

The finest fudge is from the beach!  We’re not sure if it is the water, the sun, or the wonderful people, but whatever the reason, delicious fudge is made at the Oregon coast.  And the very most delicious and freshest fudge is McFadden’s Fabulous Fudge. They use the best ingredients they can buy, and many are locally sourced, such as sweet and crunchy Oregon grown walnuts, richly flavored hazelnuts, and juicy cranberries.

Their recipes produce a soft and very creamy mouth-watering fudge.  Many say, "this is the best fudge they have ever had in their lives."  They make the old favorites like chocolate, chocolate walnut, peanut butter chocolate, mint chocolate. Plus unique flavors such as, Huckleberry Chocolate Marble,Maple Walnut,Salted Caramel.

 The fudge is hand-made, hand-wrapped, and packed when you order.  Nothing is from the freezer , so you receive the very freshest fudge you can find almost anywhere. 

They have a bright red wood display
for the fudge if needed.

Amella Caramels | El Segundo, CA


Amella has created an exciting new taste sensation for the world to enjoy! An all natural buttery caramel made with pure cocoa butter, real fruit and nuts,all lightly dipped in the finest chocolate. Cocoa butter creates a silky texture and decadent flavor impossible to resist.We think of it as a caramel/truffle hybrid.

Your customers can expect to enjoy the flavors of; Black Forest, Original,Gray Sea Salt( Milk, Dark, Dark Vegan), Roasted Almond, and Double Dark Chocolate and others.
6 pieces per pack or 2 piece Grab n Go( flavors come in Milk, Dark and Vegan).
  • All Natural (100% Trans Fat Free)
  • Made with Organic Raw Blue Weber Agave
  • No refined sugar
  • Corn syrup free
  • Sustainable Packaging (100% recycled paperboard & biodegradable tray)
  • Made with Non-GMO Gluten Free Ingredients

Linda's Lollies | New York City NY

Begun in 1984, Linda’s Lollies Gourmet Lollipops has been optimized to feature 24 gourmet flavors, including intriguing new taste concepts such as Mango Chile, Blueberry Muffin and Rainbow Sherbet. Each flavor is specially crafted to deliver superior flavor, intensity and accuracy. New thought has been given to the appearance of Linda’s Lollies, which now come in a variety of eye-popping color combinations:  bright translucent, opaque, swirled and half splits—all on a unique purple stick, making these new pops look as good as they taste.

Linda's Lollies have both Counter Displays and a Floor Displayer available. 
Good Sellers for many retailers!

Avenue Sweets | Salt Lake City, UT

A classic treat elevated to a new level with fresh, sweet cream butter, pure cane sugar and loads of top quality nuts.  How classic is brittle?  According to Wikipedia, the term "brittle" in regards to candy first appeared in print in 1892.   But, of course, the candy has been made long before that.  We offer five scrumptious varieties: classic peanut, pecan, cashew, blazing and beer.  Plus, three Dairy Free vegan options.  Enjoy!

Paradigm Foodworks  |  Portland, OR


This is a distributor of specialty chocolates and confections from all over the world. A one-stop-shop for all your candy needs! They also manufacture food items like scone and waffle mixes, chocolate sauces, mustards, and low-calorie salad dressings. Newly added is their Hot Chihuahua brand of sauce and salsa. With eye catching labeling decide from Puebla Enchilada Sauce, Durango Salsa, or the Sinaloa Verde Sauce.

Mehlenbacher's Taffy  |  Etascadero, CA

Starting with an original recipe your grandparents and great-grandparents used from the 1900s, we pride ourselves on our handmade taffy. We use only the finest, natural ingredients including grade A butter and pure cane sugar. We do not use high fructose corn syrup or preservatives. An added plus is that our taffy is gluten free. All of our taffy is made in small batches, and is truly an "artisan" taffy. It's still pulled and packaged by hand and flavored with simple methods just like it was over 100 years ago. We have 30 years of experience and make over 30 different flavors. Our selection offers something for everyone and, we are always creating new flavors.

Each stick of taffy is 1.25 oz. and come 36 per display box, in assorted flavors. For Huckleberry and Flathead Cherry lovers, Mehlenbacher's also has these available in boxes of all the same flavor.

Huckleberry Haven  |  Hungry Horse, MT


This is an extensive line of Huckleberry and other Wild Berry products, with some of the most beautiful packaging that we've seen! Products include 11 oz. And 5 oz. Jams and Jellies, Syrups and Toppings, with flavors including Huckleberry, Chokecherry, Rose hips, Elderberry and Buffalo-berry! Other Huckleberry items include Tea, Vinaigrette, Gummi Bears, Taffy, Jelly Beans, and Huckleberry Bark.