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My Dad's Cookies || Brooklyn, NY

My Dad’s Cookies was started for children, who have Celiac and gives them options to eat their favorite cookies as their friends. The cookies look and taste as the ones that they miss eating. During Birthday parties, family gatherings serve all the My Dad’s Cookies classics, nobody will know they are gluten free and the child will just smile and say thank you that all the attention was focused on the party and not on the special food for the child.

My mission and goal was to create cookies that look and taste like the real ones that people with celiac young & old miss eating. The products are made of great ingredients, non-dairy, nut free & Kosher. My Dad’s Cookies strives to give to schools, charities, hospitals and events baked goods for special events.

Swoffles | Concord, MA
Our Swoffle waffle cookies are inspired by the traditional Dutch treat, the "stroopwafel". Each Swoffle is made from organic, kosher, non GMO, gluten free flour with a layer of creamy caramel in the center.  This company also has a French Vanilla flavor now too.  Swoffles are individually packaged, with nice graphics & a long shelf life.  They make a perfect impulse snack item for your store!

Not only does Swoffels love sharing these great products with you, but the company also cares about giving back. They've teamed up with local non-profits and through purchasing our Swoffles, you're helping to provide meals to those in need. Each month, Swoffles has been able to provide over 1,500 free meals to food banks throughout the country!

Rabbit Creek | Louisburg, KS

Rabbit Creek Products was founded in 1984 by Donna Cook and is named after a little creek that runs through the small eastern Kansas town of Louisburg. A 12-bean soup mix, made in her kitchen, launched Rabbit Creek into a food business that now has more than 350 different, distinctively packaged, gourmet mixes. These mixes capture the taste of old-fashioned cooking, reminiscent of county fairs and church suppers. Convenience, for today’s fast paced lifestyle, is the key to these products, which include packages of dry mixes that require only the addition of simple ingredients such as eggs, butter and liquid.

Some of the better selling categories of Rabbit Creek's products include Beer Breads, Wine Breads, Brownie Mixes, Vege Dips, Slow Cooker Meals, and Party Bags (slushie drink mixes - add your own wine or liquor!). 
They also have an excellent private label program, with no set up fees!

St. Amours Cookies  |  Costa Mesa, CA

They currently produce 3 types of all natural products. They include: Gluten-free Madeleines (5 varieties). People can't believe that this gluten-free product tastes as good if not better than regular products. Teethers, exceptionally unique & mess-free French teething biscuits for babies. The Teethers are Vegan, Kosher, free of cholesterol, dairy, eggs, fat, salt & allergens of any kind and do not fall apart and get mushy like regular teething biscuits.Rocks n' Rolls are Mediterranean munching cookies (7 flavors).

The Rocks n' Rolls are Vegan, Kosher, listed in Weight Watchers Food Companion Guide for many years so they have a quite large and loyal following, are both low in sugar and low in fat as well as all natural. By the way, this is my childhood cookie, my aunt Helene's recipe