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Italian Foods

Jar Goods | Hoboken, NJ
Classic Tomato/Pasta Sauces for the Modern Pantry - Jar Goods is dedicated to making products from natural ingredients that taste great; products that can be used to make dinner on the fly or dressed up to serve guests. The secret recipe has been handed down through the Vitelli family and also made famous at their restaurant in New Jersey.  Flavors include Classic Red, Classic Spicy, and Classic Vodka Sauces.  These are incredibly fresh tasting tomato sauces, using non GMO ingredients, and just bursting with flavor!  Much more than just pasta sauces...

Pasta Mama's | Richland, WA

Pasta Mama’s gourmet dried pastas & sauce mixes were first created in 1986 in Richland, Washington.  At Pasta Mama’s they pride themselves on handcrafted products made with the highest quality ingredients from their farms to your table. They have 16 flavors of Fettuccine, 10 Linguines, and 6 Pappardelles. Also 9 Creamy Sauce Mixes and 5 Pesto flavors to choose from.

All of their dry sauce mixes are easy to make!  For the creamy sauces, just add milk or a milk substitute.  Thepestoscan be made using the oil of your choice,or they pair wonderfully with an array of flavor-infused oils as well.  Pasta Mama’s flavored pastas use a 100% non-GMO wheat pastry flour from Shepherd’s Grain. Each pasta  is mixed with just the right amount of vegetables, herbs, and spices to give each one its own distinctive flavor! 

Rossi Pasta  |  Marietta, OH

This company has the best-tasting flavored pastas around! With flavors like Roasted Red Bell Pepper, Wild Mushroom and Spinach Basic Garlic, they are sure to please. Nice colors, elegant packaging, and 6 pasta sauces to match as well.

Their gluten free pastas have been a big hit, available in 6 flavors.