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Meat Snacks

Fusion Jerky | San Francisco CA
Based on over 50 years of experience, Fusion Jerky has developed some amazing, unique jerky products.  Their jerkys really pop with a  balanced blend of the tenderness of Asian-style
jerky and the flavors found in American-style jerky. Using only whole slices of
premium meat, their chefs slowly cook it by hand and season it with nine delicious flavors and real artisan ingredients. With the first jerky line to feature chicken as well as beef, turkey, and pork, Fusion Jerky is a treat for any occasion. Made using only US raised animals, Fusion Jerky is minimally processed at their state-of-the-art Fusion Ranch in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. They are all packaged in 2.75 oz window bags with bold colors and graphics.  Very appealing to women (as well as men)!
  • Gluten Free
  • No Nitrites
  • No Preservatives
  • 100% All-Natural
  • Low Fat
  • Real Ingredients
  • High Protein
  • Premium Cuts (Shoulder & Breast)

Zoe’s Meats | Santa Rosa, CA

Zoe’s Meats believe that making salami requires that we learn from those that have been making the products for decades before us, but that we are also open to trying new ideas with them. They have created a line of salamis that are all nitrite free. They play with different salts, assorted peppers and chilis, wines and spices. 

Some of their 7 flavors of shelf-stable salamis include Original Cured, Absinthe with New Mexican Hatch Chilis, Jalapeno, Ghost Pepper, Turkey Salami, and Pepperoni.  Also their Applewood Smoked Bacon (already precooked!), and Prosciutto are made with nitrite & antibiotic free pork!

Available in 8 oz & new 4 oz half size too. Zoe's also has 1 oz all natural meat sticks in original, pepperoni, and jalapeno flavors

Lawless Jerky | Santa Monica CA

Lawless Jerky is America's Craft Beef Jerky. Four world inspired flavors are unlike anything you have tasted. 100% grass-fed cattle gives a supremely tender texture.
No chewy bits, no sugary coating just quality meat with amazing recipes. 
Choose from Aloha Teriaki, Mango Habanero, and Sweet Siracha.
Available in Ten (10) 2-oz bags per case.

All flavors are :
  • Gluten-free
  • 100& grass-fed Beef
  • Nitrate and nitrite free
  • No MSG
  • No Corn Syrup
Get free shipping with a min. order of 4 cases.

The Bacon Jams | West Chester PA

Bacon Jam at its core is bacon, brown sugar, onions and a whole lot of stirring. We have three varieties that can all be simply spread on crackers, elegantly spread to elevate appetizers or to baconize your favorite dish. Total bacon convenience is here in the form of our "No Fry, On the Fly" gourmet bacon spreads. The perfect gift the your friends, family and your pantry!

All Original is sweet and savory. Red Chile & Garlic is spicy and smokey. Black Pepper has a bold peppery bacon bite.All flavors come in 8.5 oz jars. There is also a 3 pack gift box which has one of each variety and a recipe guide. A gluten-free product.

Bacon Jams recently added 3 more flavors, including Honey Habanero , Maple Bourbon, and Balsamic Fig Bacon Jams.  Plus 2 new dry rubs and 2 kinds of finishing salts, all include some bold bacon flavors!