Ordering From Us


  Ordering from us is easy and can be done with very little effort. If you already know the products you want to order you can simply fill out our paper order form and email and/or fax it into us or use our convenient Online Order Form.

    Order forms :   Paper (For FAXING; PDF File) or 

  Keep in mind most of the companies we represent have a minimum dollar amounts that must be met. As a general rule most of our vendors request a $100.00 minimum order, however there are a few that differ. If you are not sure feel free to contact us via Email and we can let you know. 

  If this is the first time ordering from us and/or a new vendor we ask that all first orders be done using a credit card. We are more than happy to establish terms for future orders and can do so during the first order, or any time after that. Simply send us a Standard Commercial Credit Application.

  If you do not have one established you may fill out the one provided below.

  We believe in a face to face relationship and would love to be able to meet with your organization, and show you many of the wonderful products we represent.

Evergreen Fancy Foods has 5 representatives each representing different regions
of The Pacific Northwest.