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Private Labels

Rabbit Creek | Louisburg, KS

Rabbit Creek Products was founded in 1984 by Donna Cook and is named after a little creek that runs through the small eastern Kansas town of Louisburg. A 12-bean soup mix, made in her kitchen, launched Rabbit Creek into a food business that now has more than 350 different, distinctively packaged, gourmet mixes. These mixes capture the taste of old-fashioned cooking, reminiscent of county fairs and church suppers. Convenience, for today’s fast paced lifestyle, is the key to these products, which include packages of dry mixes that require only the addition of simple ingredients such as eggs, butter and liquid.
Some of the better selling categories of Rabbit Creek's products include Beer Breads, Wine Breads, Brownie Mixes, Vege Dips, Slow Cooker Meals, and Party Bags (slushie drink mixes - add your own wine or liquor!). 
They also have an excellent private label program, with no set up fees!

Gourmet Gardens  |  Rusk, TX

This is our main private label company. They make over 100 different products in many different categories including pickled vegetables like asparagus, garlic, & mushrooms; stuffed olives; salsas; fruit preserves & no sugar added preserves; fruit cobblers; salad dressings; pasta sauces; & syrups. Just added to their outstanding line are new sauces & seasonings, hot sauces, and steak sauce. You can actually use their brand name or your own name on one of their professional-looking background designs for private labeling, with NO setup fees! Or use your own logo for that distinctive look. Free freight with any 30 case order.