Let Us Represent You
   Evergreen Fancy Foods, Inc., originally known as C. Grossman Enterprises, Inc., was started nearly 30 years ago by Craig M. Grossman. He discovered an untapped niche, marketing specialty food products in the Northwest, that was mostly unrepresented at the time. For most of its history, our business was both a distribution business and a manufacturers’ sales representation business; essentially two businesses in one. But in 2003, for a number of reasons, we decided to get out of the distributing business for the most part and go with the strongest suit: representing product lines to retailers throughout the Northwest.
Currently, we represent over 40 companies in 3 loose categories: specialty foods, chocolates, candies, confections and nonfood giftware items such as wine accessories, soaps, aprons, etc.

   We have a total of 5 sales reps. All of which are independent reps, who cover the states of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana. We also have customers in Alaska whom we mostly meet and service at the Seattle Gift Show, which we exhibit at twice a year in February and August. One of our rep teams—known as The Professional Bag Lady—also has its own booth in the Portland, Oregon, Gift Shows in January and June each year.

   Our primary emphasis is on good, old-fashioned “road representation” where we get out every week and show our product lines to current and prospective customers.

   The types of retailers we call on are many and varied. They include gourmet groceries, wineries, produce markets, meat shops, kitchen and gourmet shops, candy stores, theme parks, gift basket packers, independent drugstores, and gift shops. Other newer venues include catalog companies, internet-based businesses and national parks.

   If you have private label capabilities, this opens up even more doors. In fact, our best-selling product line (by far) right now is a company that does private label products.

   We take a lot of pride in the great personal service that we give to our customers. Since we’ve been in this business for so long, we have a pretty good idea of what kinds of products they are looking for and they typically trust our judgment when we show them something new. As you can imagine, we have literally hundreds of happy customers between all of our reps. We’ve also helped a lot of our suppliers improve their packaging, labeling, product information, and overall presentation over the years. We have a pretty good eye for what’s going to sell off the shelf!

   If you would like supplier or customer references, we will be happy to supply these to you.

   We are excited about working with your products & your company, and look forward to a long, successful relationship between us!

   If you are interested in furthering a relationship with Evergreen Fancy Foods, Inc. Please contact us via email and we can set- up a meeting and/or a dialogue of how we can help you.