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Soaps & Lotions

Linnea Himalayan Salts | Lebanon, NJ

Linnea Brands is a leader in the fast-growing industry of sourcing and distributing fine, handcrafted Himalayan salt products. Their mission is to supply retailer customers with the highest grade Himalayan salt products available.  Linnea offers products in 3 general categories. 

These include edible salt products such as salt shakers, small & large grinders, 1.5 lb. bulk refill bags, and single serve packets.  They also have a variety of Salt Lamps & Salt Candleholders.  Finally, their Salt Cookware includes cooking tiles, salt bowls, glasses, and mortar & pestle sets. 

And Linnea's pricing is very competitive, too!
As consumers become more aware of the benefits and beauty of Himalayan salt products, Linnea continues to provide unique, custom pieces that are packaged to be both visually appealing and more marketable because of their highly descriptive labels.

DAYSPA Body Basics | Missoula, MT

They handcraft 100% natural bath and body products that are allergy and chemical free, made in Montana with farm to skin ingredients. This company believes in a holistic approach to skin care and health and feel passionate about sharing their amazing products with you!  Many of their products have an organic Montana-grown safflower oil base, and other organic ingredients.  GMO Free too!
Some of the more popular categories of products include lotions, bar soaps, lip balms, body butter sticks, liquid foaming soaps, all natural sunscreens, and bug repellents.  They also have a full line of men's body care products, and even a variety of skin care products for babies  & young children!

Molly Muriel | Portland,Oregon
If your customers are looking for all natural,hand made body care products made without synthetic fragrances, perfumes,dyes or harsh preservatives ,sulfates or phthalates, seriously consider these fantastic products from Molly Muriel. They produce all natural bar soaps,  shampoo bars,herbal infused lotions, bath and body oil and long burning Soy Wax Candles. Molly Muriel's attractive packaging with soothing pastel color tones mirrors
the simple ,yet elegant products inside. Lotion, Body Oils and Candles are all packed in recyclable glass containers. The essential oil fragrances complete the natural image these products portray.

Windrift Hill Goat Milk Products  |  Conrad, MT


All natural Goat Milk body care products including Lotions, Bar Soaps, Body Butters, Lip Balms, Body Oils, and Bath Salts. This family business actually raises the goats and milks them twice a day for the goat's milk that goes into their products! Many of the lovely scents are all natural using essential oils for their fragrance. The soaps come in 40 different scents, and have especially beautiful designs & colors.

Purple Haze Lavender, Ltd  |  Sequim, WA


This lavender farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington has come up with some very imaginative value-added products that incorporate the abundant lavender crops that grow there. Culinary products include Culinary Lavender & Herbs de Provence in reusable tins; a mustard, salad dressing, & sugar with Lavender;
a Lavender Lemon Pepper; even Lavender Honey & Lavender Chocolates! They also have plenty of lovely body care products like Lavender Spritzer, Lotion, Bath Salts, Massage Oil, Soaps, Dryer Bags, & Eye Pillows. And of course organic Essential Oils, Bundles, & Sachets.