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Olivia Chocolat | Cantley, Quebec, Canada

Olivia Chocolatiers is a new chocolate maker dedicated to making only 2 categories of Organic chocolate bars.  First is their raw, high percentage dark chocolate that is, full, rich and surprisingly not bitter tasting.  And perhaps even more unique, they have perfected a line of dairy-free milk chocolate bars that have to be tasted to be believed!  
The Raw Dark bars come in 6 varieties, including 76% Dark, 86%, 92%, 100% (!) (meaning no sugar at all!), 76% with a touch of Maple, and 76% with Maple Flakes.  And the Dairy Free (Vegan) "milk" bars come in a coconut milk bar, coconut chai bar, and a hemp milk bar.  They also have little mini bars available in most of these flavors, with an acrylic displayer available for the mini bars.
In the words of the founder of Olivia, David A. MacDonald: "The Olivia Chocolat line delivers the finest, most decedent and unique chocolate taste using our own proprietary process. Our chocolate is far from candy; conversely, it is a fine and nutritious superfood.

Olivia Chocolat is to be savoured and is ahealthy alternative tomainstream confection. Our chocolate made directly from raw, unroasted cocoa that has a surprisingly smoother, softer taste than roasted cocoa chocolate. We use pure organic maple sugar, raw organic hemp milk and pure raw organic coconut cream in many of our bars".

Fruit Bliss | Brooklyn, NY
Fruit Bliss is a very different kind of naturally sun-sweetened organic dried fruit infused with water. Deliciously juicy and never dry,these organic fruits have no preservatives or added sugar.A ready-to-eat, healthy and convenient organic whole fruit snack that you can take anywhere. 
Fruits include, French plums, Turkish apricots and figs, North African dates
and a fruit medley. Packaged in 1.76 oz mini pouches and 5 oz resealable,
larger stand-up pouches.

Antidote Chocolate | Brooklyn, NY

Antidote Chocolate is a true bean-to-bar manufacturer using "Arriba National " cacao from western Ecuador.

What sets Antidote apart is their pioneered blend of 50/50 ratio of raw and roasted cacao. Your consumers will benefit from the higher level of flavinoids and anti-oxidants derived from raw chocolate blended with the 
smooth flavor of roasted cacao beans. This is chocolate for the serious chocolate lover.

Exciting flavors include: Coffee & Cardamon, Almond & Fennel, Mango & Juniper, Ginger & Goldenberry, Rose Salt & Lemon, Banana & Cayenne, Essential Vanilla & Nibs, Lavender & Red Salt. Raw 100% Cacao Bar Flavors are RAW cacao & nibs, RAW cacao & dates.